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‘Question Campaign Funnel’ or ‘Ask Campaign’

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‘Question Campaign Funnel’ or ‘Ask Campaign’

This funnel has a similarity to the ‘Squeeze Page’ funnel mobilephonenumber com uk, since the main objective of this sales funnel is to get both the response to the premise that is expressed on the landing page, and we also want to get the user’s email , obviously you have to offer something in return for people to subscribe to your list, in the case of the image below, ‘5 best tips for business’ are offered, in this way the user gets additional something of value for their business and feel more comfortable to register.

‘Question Campaign Funnel’ – Landing Page
When the user registers his response and sends it, the next part of the ‘funnel’ is to send him to a thank you page, in this way we can let him know more about our company and the social links so that he can follow us.

‘Question Campaign Funnel’ – Thank You Page
‘Application Funnel’ or ‘Application Funnel’
It is at this point in which we will begin to combine the different types of sales funnels to generate other types of funnels such as the ‘Application Funnel’, in which the user is received with a ‘Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel’ The difference is that no sale is made on the reception screen, the user is only told that they want to register for a specific purpose, it can be a job offer, enrollment in courses, etc. This idea and the user is told through a video what is the reason why they want them to register. This sales funnel has a good impact on users, since the video allows the request to be more personal and does not seem like a written script that is passed to hundreds or thousands of people (although it really is).

‘Application Funnel’ – ‘Reverse Squeeze Page’
When the user clicks on the button to register information, he will go to a window where he has a form for him to register, and when he proceeds to send the form, the user goes to a thank you page where the links can be displayed of the company’s social networks or the website, so that the person who made the request can have more information about the company. Gulf Phone Number List

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