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Qualitative Research Characterizing User Profiles Croatia Phone Number

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Qualitative Research Characterizing User Profiles Croatia Phone Number

When talking about product or service design at work. You need to build scenarios. Target objects. And desired results based on the business. In team collaboration. Poor information is a key factor affecting collaboration efficiency . Often different members seem to be talking about the same target. But in fact they are not . And this “No” is only discovere after a long discussion. Which inevita makes the team’s communication “Chicken and duck” and cannot be carrie out smoothly. . If there is a way for you and other partners to anchor to the same target before starting a discussion in a team collaboration.




Then even with different


backgrounds and different job functions. You will be able to Croatia Phone Number communicate and collaborate better. In order to solve the above problems. The tool shared today – user portrait. 01what is a user portrait? In 1999. Alan cooper first proposed the concept of persona in “The inmates are running the asylum”. Believing that “A persona is a virtual representative of a real user and a target user model based on a series of real data”. . User portraits extract common features from a large number of users. And then summarize them into virtual roles with the most typical user characteristics .


Croatia Phone Number
Croatia phone number


Compared with a single user


The user portrait emphasizes a group of people. Which is a macro grasp of the group. In order to reflect the commonality of the group. Based on the single/combination dimension identification. The image and characteristics of each individual in the group are weakened. So that a group of users have common characteristics. This fictional character does not necessarily exist. But in the process of discussion. It can be used as a sample for communication and work. 02the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative drawing portraits In practical work. Accurate marketing. Data application. User analysis.

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