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Pros and cons of headless e-commerce

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Pros and cons of headless e-commerce

We’ve covered a lot of the benefits of headless architecture above, but as a Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List quick round-up, we’ve listed them below. Whilst reading, it’s important to keep in mind that traditional e-commerce architecture cannot achieve any of them. These are not only the benefits of headless architecture but the reasons that distinguish it from full-stack development.

1. It uses the best-in-class software
Headless separates all the tasks for running an e-commerce store, and developers can designate them to specific softwares that are tailor-made for that role.

2. Flexible customer experience
From browsing on their laptop to scrolling through Instagram, customers can reach a checkout through a multitude of channels and receive a consistent brand experience whilst doing so.

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3. Multi-channel content from one CMS
It keeps things simple, keeping all content in one place and dispersing it across all points of contact.

4. Future-focused
New technologies and trends arrive all the time. Headless stores can incorporate them quickly, keeping brands at the cutting edge.

5. Multiple languages and currencies
International markets are there for the taking as headless stores can add new languages and currencies with (relative) ease.

6. Faster sites and better SEO
No matter how much functionality they have. No matter how many languages and 3D models. Headless stores stay fast, which subsequently improves conversion and SEO rankings. You can find the best SEO tools to improve your site’s visibility on search engines.

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