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Product dry goods | Long article Panama Phone Number explains “user interviews” in detail

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Product dry goods | Long article Panama Phone Number explains “user interviews” in detail

Therefore Designers will be expose to many user research methods in their daily work. Such as: usability testing. Eye movement experiments. Card sorting. Questionnaires. Data analysis. Etc. These research methods will have their own research directions. According to the user’s performance. The above research methods can be divid into two categories: Therefore opinions (attitudes) and behaviors. Opinions are the subjective views of the user’s heart on the current things that are said and expressed at the moment. And behaviors are what the user does (actually generated). Actions).


Open-ended interviews

According to the research methods. Therefore The above research Panama Phone Number methods can be divided into two categories: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative is to understand the facts and focus more on excavating the deep motivation behind the user’s behavior. Which is perceptual and subjective. Quantitative research is to confirm the facts and use quantitative data to explain the phenomenon. Which is more rational and objective. The following figure shows the specific characteristics of user interviews and other types of user research methods.

Panama phone number
Panama phone number

Semi-structured interview

Therefore Electronic industry press. 2015 Quantitative research Panama Phone Number methods usually use quantitative data indicators to present research conclusions. Qualitative research usually presents research findings in descriptive terms. However User interview is a commonly used user research method. In the interview. Researchers need to guide the participating users to speak as much as possible. Observe users in real time. Make judgments on users’ facial expressions. And guide users to express their truest thoughts. Therefore User interviews can gain an in-depth understanding of the respondents’ thoughts and the reasons why they have such thoughts.



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