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Phygital, the new omnichannel retail trend

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Phygital, the new omnichannel retail trend

The term phygital or figital refers to the connection of two environments: online and offline. It talks about integrating the best of the physical and digital worlds to create a dynamic communication ecosystem between the user and the product canadian phone number database.

In this video I will tell you more about it so that you know one of the most important trends for retail in this year 2021.

The phygital or figital trend in Spanish is characterized by its multichannel orientation, in which the customer experience flows easily and satisfactorily, whether it is done online, by phone, in the physical store, or even in all of them at the time.

There are technologies that have made possible the combination of these two worlds, offline and online, for example, QR codes, which allow you to insert additional information about the company, web addresses, and so on.

There are others such as augmented reality that allows you to see the real world with information added as virtual objects. For example, see how a piece of furniture would look inside a house. This has already been tested by Amazon and Zara.

Proximity marketing or beacon technology: these are devices that work as beacons, which, using short-range signals via bluetooth, offer maximum precision positioning. These sensors locate the user who is wearing a compatible device and send him information about the establishment in which he is or the product that is nearby.

It is expected that during 2021 and also as a result of the pandemic, stores will increasingly become “figitals”. Being more interactive and offering experiences with touch screens, sensors, mobile content, among others.

In summary, we can say that the phygital concept is characterized by being multichannel, but it is on the way to becoming a more unified and common type of commerce in our lives, where technology will be key so that the consumer can be seduced both at home and on your mobile or in the physical store.

What did you think of this new trend for e-commerce? Gulf Phone Number List

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