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Perhaps for Bolivia WhatsApp Number List my appearance. In the qq show department  at that time

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Perhaps for Bolivia WhatsApp Number List my appearance. In the qq show department  at that time

As an interviewer, BLUES has seen  thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of people, not too many, not too few.

How to be an interviewer is a sharing I learned when I was at Tencent. Because I have more HR friends, I also learn how to do interviews from them.

The following table is the interview inspection points used by Tencent interviewers when doing interview training in the past, one position, five rounds of interviews.

In the Tencent interview

I have experienced, after the gm (department general manager) interview. Two additional rounds of interviews were added. One was dowson (tang daosheng, the current tencent csig president), and the last was free (wu xiaoguang, former senior. Tencent executive) deputy vice director).

Perhaps for my appearance. In the qq show department  at that time. I, a middle-aged person, was an anomaly-because i was much older than. The average age of 26 years old in the department. And from the perspective of professional knowledge. And professional skills, i am not the best. So being able to join tencent at that time, a big factor, maybe luck.

In the above table, I don’t know how you will sort the vertical inspection points. Maybe different positions, different interviewers, different company stages, and different managers will have different sorting.

Not to mention my answer.

Bolivia WhatsApp Number List
Bolivia WhatsApp Number List

The candidate is a graduate of the School of Information Engineering of a well-known university. He has certain technical knowledge. He has practiced in a well-known artificial intelligence technology company for 4 months, and has done a face recognition in a vertical The project of industry application is currently an intern in a company in Guangzhou, and I also received an offer from the Guangzhou company last year.

Why not choose Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Guangzhou company for internship, because the artificial intelligence technology company is located in Shenzhen, and the internship program is more Bolivia WhatsApp Number List  challenging, and you can learn a lot of new things. Internship performance is not bad, why not stay. Because of the replacement of department leaders, HC was reduced, and there was no school recruitment opportunity.

(Note: The full name of HC is Human Capital, and the human capital mentioned in human resources means the budget plan of personnel.)

My most common interview questions are:

Tell about the process of a project that you have done, and then inquire about the details layer by layer from the project process, and examine various qualities and abilities from the inquiry process.

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