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Outdoor and digital advertising: the correct formula?

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Outdoor and digital advertising: the correct formula?

Investment in advertising and marketing for this 2017 globally will be 594 billion dollars, according to Zenith estimates. The success of outdoor advertising in Mexico is such that during the last five years investments in outdoor advertising within the Senegal Mobile Database Mexican market have maintained an average annual growth of 4 percent, which until last year was translated into an injection of capital. over 4 billion pesos.

However, with the digital boom, advertising outdoor does not seem as attractive as before, so large companies are betting on the sum of this and digital, will it be effective? Senegal Mobile Database

According to PQ Media, the turnover generated by digital signage (digital outdoor advertising) the trend indicates that it is, since this practice is expected to grow 13 percent to reach 13,400 million dollars in the world, this 2017.

Digital outdoor advertising is booming in the United States, with 25 percent of global revenue generated.

The best example of what happens is given by Coca-Cola , which is betting on advertising in 3D, making the screens form spectacular that attract everyone’s attention.

As the following video shows:

3D Coke Sign in Times Square from Loren Brinton on Vimeo .

That is why outdoor advertising has generated 57 percent confidence in consumers in regions such as North America, according Brother Cell Phone List to a study by Nielsen. Thus, companies are guaranteed that it is an effective strategy, at least in terms of the credibility of their product or service, more so if the digital part is added. The trend is growing by leaps and bounds and is expected to soon reach countries like Mexico.

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