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Optimize the title, description and urls of the page & Use of keywords

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Optimize the title, description and urls of the page & Use of keywords

The home page and the rest of the pages must inform the search engines of the information about what the web page is about. For this, in the TITLE tag german telephone number example, keywords that are related to the brand or to the products or services sold on the website must be added.

Also, each page must include the DESCRIPTION tag that offers auxiliary and more specific information about what the reader wants to locate. Then, right there you have to enter keywords without over optimizing the content and try to include some action that informs the engines about what the user should do.

Obviously, the labels in both the titles and the descriptions must be unique.

Finally, you have to optimize the urls. The same thing happens as in the previous cases (Inclusion of certain keywords and obviously not spelling mistakes). In addition, certain details must be taken into consideration, such as not putting the letter ñ, not putting accents or numbers and not measuring more than sixty characters.

To start, it is convenient to do research in order to know which of these words the user searches for the information, such as the keywords used by the competition and decide whether to use exactly the same or look for the distinction.

You have to make a good inclusion approach (Do not over optimize and use them strategically on each and every page). A good approach is the Long Tail Keywords, words that include multiple points in unison and with which you can better divide the product offered by the company. A keyword that is too generic does not end up standing out and it is as if it had not been incorporated. Gulf Phone Number List

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