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New interactive Kenya WhatsApp Number List children’s education brand setting

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New interactive Kenya WhatsApp Number List children’s education brand setting

Product Objectives and Design Positioning

Industry status

First, we refined two core keywords for the product, namely “children” and “education”, and then we collected and sorted out the visual characteristics of two major categories of products related to this, as a reference point for brand style building. While content serves as a stepping stone, it is more efficient and accurate to bring the current design trends into the new brand of ABCmouse.

Differentiation: the core and potential demands of the user group

In addition, we also focus on how to seek “differentiated” advantages among many similar competing products, while satisfying the core appeal of “children’s fun” determined by the nature of ABCmouse products, and at the same time paying more attention to the core consumer group “parents” on product content And the potential appeal of packaging “high quality”. Through the advanced and in-depth insight into the user group, we can mine and summarize the key brand upgrading system.

design language

The old user group accumulated over the years is an indispensable and cherished user group. We need to respect the old users’ habits and memory of the original brand recognition, and take a more appropriate remodeling ratio so as not to destroy the old users’ adaptation. On the premise of new visual comfort, the core brand elements are refined and retained, and the details are adjusted and polished to upgrade the brand language.

Design Status

The overall style of the original brand logo and App interface is slightly outdated and complicated, lacking visual vitality and brand system. We take the two core brand identification elements of “IP” and “brand name” as the primary entry point, and subtract and optimize its details; The goal is to retain the classic brand memory, but also more in line with the modern design aesthetic.

Refine basic identification

Kenya WhatsApp Number List
Kenya WhatsApp Number List

A set of bright, colorful and vibrant visual language is the most indispensable brand feature of children’s products. In this upgrade, we focus on “removing Kenya WhatsApp Number List complexity and simplifying. Trying to interpret the new. IP image, logo, color, icon, and font with a more geometric, pure and bright design method.

(1) IP image



As well as

Together with

Of course


(3) Brand color

We reserve “red”, “yellow”, and “blue” as the main colors of the brand, and hope. To Kenya WhatsApp Number List give children a sense of color, starting from the original “three. Primary colors”, and corresponding to the three letters. ABC”, hoping to follow the “Three-color memory rule” provides the most comfortable. Memory value, and easily obtains the brand awareness and visual favor of children and parents.


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