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New elections Martinique Email List

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New elections Martinique Email List

The paradox is that the same society that does not have a culture of pacts is Mauritania Email List the one that called for the end of bipartisanship and uses the word “dialogue” as if its mere mention had magical powers. The same one that first wields the withdrawal of the vote as a threat and then uses hashtags such as #YoNoVoto to make a digital apostolate for abstention; that is, for going from not voting for one to voting for none and for rendering their greatest political weapon useless.

To end this long day of the groundhog that we complain about so much on social networks, we will have to get out of the loop in some way. A good principle would be to recognize that it is a contradiction to say “I will not vote again as you yield to them” and then add “I do not vote because they do not know how to reach agreements.”

Because either one thing or the other. The never-ending deal is a unicorn that may exist in the fantasy of social media, but politics is made in real life, where unicorns don’t exist; there are donkeys and horses, which are less beautiful, but they take you places if you learn to ride them. For this reason, writing on social networks that in this new electoral convocation the leaders must be changed may leave the author of such an original thought very satisfied with himself, but it serves very little more than that. Perhaps it is much more urgent and practical to change voters than leaders.Gulf Phone Number List

Someday we will understand … And that day, we will even have a government.

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