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Network marketing in times of pandemic

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Network marketing in times of pandemic

Since the state of alarm for the Pandemic was decreed in Mexico available phone numbers australia, the events in which professionals could network have been postponed or suspended

Even so, there are digital tools to connect and network for your marketing strategy.

Considering the current situation, I will tell you about some examples to be able to work your networking during this year and avoid some mistakes

Let’s start by talking about what network marketing is, which consists of connecting with professionals in your sector or any other to make yourself known and explain what you do in order to generate business or search for potential clients, whether in a physical event, an online event or through social networks.

Now let’s talk about the tips and mistakes you should consider in your pandemic networking strategy.

#1. Collaborate in digital media with colleagues in your sector

You can broadcast live on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitch to share your experience through an interview, a free course, or a live webinar.

#two. Use LinkedIn to connect

LinkedIn is the professional network par excellence. Identify the people you are interested in connecting with, and interact with them.

Start by creating a good profile, be sure to include a photo a photo that is professional, use the words you want your clients to find you with, design an action plan to start working on this social network, join groups of professionals industry and share posts that are consistent and interesting.

#3. Do content marketing. This will increase your audience and the performance of your publications.

You can choose to create a blog, share it on your social networks and promote it based on objectives that you have set for yourself.

Of course, do not publish things that you may regret, try to include publications of everything you do at a professional level, where you go and everything in which you are mentioned.

With this, your brand will be better known, the number of followers will increase and you will have a higher engagement

#4. Contact other businesses like yours or that are complementary to your service

Make yourself known in your sector and establish serious relationships to seek strategic alliances, share experiences and earn recommendations Gulf Phone Number List

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