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Microsoft Bing Big Data Strategies

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Microsoft Bing Big Data Strategies

Ken Johnston , main test manager, Microsoft’s is responsible for testing the Windows 8 AppStore. During his speech in the framework of the Benin Mobile Number Database Big Data Summit, he detailed the keys to the Big Data strategy and customer profiling of Bing, the search engine for the Redmond Washington company. The Bing platform receives at least a dozen changes per day, to achieve this they have implemented a system called AutoPilot.

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For Microsoft, the Big Data strategy allows constant innovation in its products, hundreds of engineers analyze the logs and data series to create new products and services. Through “cosmos” –platform in charge of processing the information the product strategy can be adjusted in real time. Its data includes more than 62 petabytes of information stored on tens of thousands of servers. The search for each term in Bing feeds information to the platform to find links to web pages, visit logs, interaction logs with digital publishers, social media feeds and service telemetry. “Cosmos stores 2 petabytes of information per day,” added Johnston.

The Phone Number List main challenge is to be able to detect what Internet users are looking for in real time, if we don’t have the news in our searches in less than 5 minutes, users will search for the information on Twitter. The challenge is to have the largest possible behavioral data series, which is why Bing teamed up with Yahoo! Initially, through the Microsoft society it gained 30% of the traffic information. This gave him enough information to create tailored products and solutions, Johnston said.

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