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Mexico party generates 15 TT’s on Twitter

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Mexico party generates 15 TT’s on Twitter

The game that the teams of Mexico and Honduras played this afternoon at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula culminated in a 2-2 draw, which left a bitter taste in the mouth for Mexican fans after the two-goal lead that was let out. Throughout the UAE Cell Phone Number List match, and in the minutes after it ended, were registered on Twitter 15 TT’s in allusion to the game.

Regarding the scoreboard of the match, which changed 5 times, only 2 changes became a trending topic , these being the opening and closing of the scoreboard, that is, the ‘Honduras 0-1 Mexico’ and the ‘Honduras 2-2 Mexico ‘. Regarding the players who took part in the game, it was Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández , author of the two goals for Mexico, who captured the attention with 4 TT’s : ‘Chicharito’ and ‘Javier Hernández ‘; as well as two hashtags , ‘FestivalDeChicharito’ and ‘CH14’

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The second position in this area belonged equally to goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa and defender Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodríguez , guilty of the penalty in the second Catracho goal, who generated 2 TT’s each: ‘Ochoa’ and ‘Paco Memo’ for the goalkeeper; and ‘El Maza’ and ‘TodoEsCulpaDelMaza’ by the second. Another player who became a trending topic was José Andres Guardado , with the TT ‘Guarded ‘.

Other TT’s that were generated around the Phone Number List party were, ‘San Pedro Sula’, the place where the party took place; ‘HereEstaElTRI’, ‘TRI’ , as well as the hashtag ‘ MásMaloQueLaSelecciónMexicana ‘, the last to become TT after the final draw in the match.

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