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How to Fix Blue and Underlined Links in Gmail

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How to Fix Blue and Underlined Links in Gmail

Gmail recently released an update for google suite users where addresses and phone numbers are automatically linked in emails. When clicking on the addresses. The user is forwarded to google maps and when clicking on the phone is directed directly to the mobile dialer application. This update was made to speed up the use of emails on mobile phones and browsers. So that instead of copying data and pasting it in the browser. The user is directed directly to the applications with just one click. Links to addresses and telephone numbers but. For email marketing designers .

This update was not very good

That’s because these redirect links are underlined and in blue color. Configuring the layout of the programmed email. Why does information turn blue? When gmail finds an address or phone number in an email. It automatically adds an extra style declaration. Which Malaysia Phone Number List formats any link in the email. That doesn’t have any inline style attached to it. Like blue: css class css class the .ii class refers to the class given to the div that contains all the email. In gmail’s email clients. Is a css attribute selector. In gmail. This css attribute selector is declaring that any link in the .ii class needs to be colored blue.

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Below is an example of how

The sending looked in gmail email example email example know the essential settings for sending email marketing name email download ebook what can we do to prevent these links from turning blue? Blue links may look ugly. But they are important. They make it more Gulf Phone Number List convenient for contacts who receive your email. Either to navigate to the location you added or to make a quick call. So the functionality continues. But we can correct this blue formatting to keep our layout. To avoid this formatting. You must add two functions to your before the text the class created in the head.

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