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Latest trends in digital media

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Latest trends in digital media

Manuel Jesús Vilches buy data for cold calling, Head of Digital Media at Arena Media, gives us the keys to the latest trends in digital media that include Voice Marketing, Integrated Social Commerce and Content + Native.
Medium is a “thing that can serve a certain purpose.” This is the definition of the RAE for the word, so we could define digital media as “digital things that can serve a certain purpose.” It’s no wonder that practically anything fits when it comes to digital media trends.

Voice Marketing

In 2020, 50% of searches will be done with voice commands. A new “gold rush” in which to set out to conquer the world of Smart Speakers. And the industry is beginning to repeat the same patterns of the smartphone boom; where before an APP was developed (it did not matter if it was the right solution for the objective, it had to be) now a skill is developed. But, just as in mobile the strategy goes far beyond the development of an app, in voice marketing the strategy goes far beyond developing a skill. It is about creating the voice of a company, a voice that transmits the image of the company: man or woman? Young or adult? Serious or lighthearted? Colloquial or professional language? … And not only does it have to reflect the personality of the company, but it also has to serve the purpose for which it has been designed, that is, the role it intends to play with the user: friend, helper, protector … It is not something trivial, so it is important to take the time necessary to develop the strategy that best suits the brand and the objective. Gulf Phone Number List

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