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Label Optimization

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Label Optimization

In the same way uae mobile number, how do we correctly establish the structure of the page through the URLs. We must correctly structure each of the pages of our website.

Individual pages can be set with H1, H2, H3… H6 tags. To better understand how tags work in WordPress, you should take into account that the H1 tag is the main topic of the page. Most commonly, the H1 tag is the name of the page.

In the case of the main page of our agency, the H1 label would be Digital Marketing Agency. As H2 label we have the titles About Us, Our Services and Contacts. In the case of this specific page, our H3 titles would be the Digital Marketing services that we provide such as Web Design, Internet Advertising, Web Page Optimization, among others.

In the previous section we illustrated in an easy way how Google would analyze our page based on the parameterizations of the tags that were made previously.

What you want to achieve with this tag structure is to make it as easy as possible for search engines to recognize what each of the pages on our website is about. This parameterization must be done for all the individual pages that our website has in order to give it much more context of what is the main theme of our website.

Next we show you the parameterization of the tags to do SEO in this article. As you can see, the H1 tag is the title of the blog. The h2 tags are the main subtitles and through this you can establish a correct structure to the articles you write to facilitate the positioning you have.

You can use tools such as SEO Browser to find out what the tag structure of your web pages is. Gulf Phone Number List

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