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Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an excellent extension for Google Chrome buy uae number online. Which allows you to know keywords on Google and YouTube, and also gives you a list of related keywords (LSI Keywords) that you can use in your blog or advertising. These related keywords allow you to give a broader context to position a web page. Since you are not only including main words, but you can also include keywords adjacent to your main keyword. The disadvantage is that it does not allow you to segment by country.

Despite the fact that the Keywords Everywhere tool only allows you to perform some searches for free. Their plans are quite convenient since you can access 100,000 results for $ 10 dollars. So a single purchase could serve you for a long time.

We use this tool quite a bit for website positioning or SEO. Since apart from providing us with the analysis of keywords with monthly search volumes, cost per click, it gives us a trend of the keyword to know how it has developed over time.

Another advantage is that it gives us a list of related keywords. In this way if we want to perform web page positioning. In our case, our crafts page would include articles such as: What is an artisan ?, 10 artisan products and Cotopaxi Crafts.

This would help the positioning of our website and attract visits to our website since we are sure that users are looking for similar articles on the web.

Another detail that Keywords Everywhere shows you are the Long-Tail Keywords. As we talked previously, they are much more specific keywords that users search for. This allows us to know in detail what are the variations of the main keyword that we enter which is “crafts”. Gulf Phone Number List

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