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Keys to being a great CM of a media outlet

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Keys to being a great CM of a media outlet

Here are some tips that any media community manager should follow to avoid losing their job. Great care! On January 28, is celebrated worldwide the Social Media Professionals Day (it is the fourth Monday in January). For this reason, in tribute, here Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List are some tips that any community manager specifically of a media outlet should follow in order not to lose their job. Great care!

The Community Manager Day , according to the site Journalism Classes , was established by Jeremiah Owyang and a group of professionals in the United States. It has been celebrated, for three years, on the fourth Monday in January. By way of celebration, Clases de Periodismo drew up a list of the things that a good social media must know to manage the accounts of a outlet media outlet .

Never reveal secret information about your medium. Nobody, not your best friend, not your wife, not your mother. If you are aware of any editorial strategy, any leak can harm the organization. Being discreet, the key. Never ignore users. Building a community is not easy, but it is vital to listen to the audience.

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You should not believe that your job is just to share links. ” The CM must have enough creativity and professionalism to contribute ideas that help improve the focus of the news, optimize their presentation and actively collaborate in the design of strategies to reach a larger audience,” says Clases de Periodismo . “It is to be expected, therefore, that he reads what he shares and is fully aware of national and international events,” he adds.

No te burles de la competencia. Se puede compartir el error de un CM, pero no matarlo. El próximo puedes ser tú. You have to be rigorous when alerting about emergencies. The CM of a medium is usually a journalist and not a simple retweeter. “It is expected that the Phone Number List information shared to the newsroom or on social networks the organization’s has been duly reviewed and verified,” he explains to the site.

Know how to identify the stories that the medium needs. Not everything matters. Not everything is true. Not everything is new. The CM must be a curator of the information. The big mistake. A CM of a medium has to be fully connected with the newsroom. This is not always easy, especially since much of the writing may believe that it is just the “guy who updates Twitter and Facebook.”

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