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Key ideas for your e-commerce photographs 2

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Key ideas for your e-commerce photographs 2

It is convenient to show your product in all its angles mobile no search australia, either with various photos, with videos, or with 360 ° technology. The most important thing is that the people who visit your page can know how your products look in all their splendor.

#two. Take care of the size

According to a study by Threekit, sales conversions grow 63% when using larger, higher-quality images. If you also give clients the opportunity to zoom in on the photos and appreciate the details, it will be better for you.

#3. Find the ideal style

We must remember that not all eCommerce photographs work. To achieve a good marketing and sales strategy with quality photographs we must tell stories and get closer to consumers

#4. The famous white background

This type of photography allows the product to be viewed without distraction and in its entirety. So the object will be the main focus of attention

If you look at this type of photography, it is the standard for publication on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Mercado Libre and other e-commerce giants. So you don’t have to stop

#5. Storytelling

Creating and developing stories around your product allows you to embrace emotional marketing

90% of purchases are made from emotions, so knowing how to provoke responses with our photos and products will help us increase the relationship with the consumer

# 6. Lifestyle

This type of photography seeks to locate the products as part of daily life, allowing your customers to visualize how you can be part of their day to day

So you are looking to take photos with the product in your daily use and in different situations

# 7. Processes

One of the qualities that consumers value most today is transparency, especially in production processes. By presenting photographs where you can see how you create your products, you let your potential clients know that there are humans behind all the work, and what values ​​they represent to you.

# 8. Infographics

They work perfect for eCommerce. So include a photograph of your product with information that adds value and details to your customers.

It can be from the tones, their functions, to their measurements. Remember that photographs are the first impression of the viewer and this allows more information to be given clearly

# 9. Videos and 360 ° photography

We already mentioned it, this allows your products to be displayed in a complete way. But it also allows you to create unique experiences for your clients, from placing your product in a house with virtual reality experiences, to looking at it from all its angles Gulf Phone Number List

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