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Juices Do Bem the full story and its lessons

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Juices Do Bem the full story and its lessons

Put fruit in fun boxes This is the mission of the jucos do bem brand . Which is showing the brazilian market that it is perfectly possible to offer a healthy and practical solution for fruit juices. Being very successful and still providing a differentiated brand experience . Good juicesa long time ago. Do bem attracted the attention of everyone here at agência pomar. Not only because of the (amusing) coincidence between our brand and the do bem juices brand. But also because of the fantastic branding work they did at the beginning of their existence. And they managed to maintain it throughout of years. In this article we will tell the full story of do bem. And explain exactly how it built a successful brand. Positioning itself like no other juice brand in brazil.

We certainly have a lot to learn from her

Content index the history of juices do bem what lessons can other brands learn from do bem? Is your brand on the same path? The history of juices do bem the brand’s history began in 2006 when business administrator marcos leta leoni . Tired of the corporate environment. Decided to accumulate knowledge to produce a juice box that did not contain Exit Mobile Phone Numbers water. Sugar. Preservatives. Or any other additive. In other words. Just fruit. For that. He visited the united states and european countries with the objective of knowing the technology used abroad in this segment. Marcos leta leoni marcos leta: “the guy” who founded do bem with the knowledge acquired after two months of travel.

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The abundance of fresh fruits in brazil and managed to create a juice with the practicality of a boxed drink without losing the properties of fruits. All so that the consumer would have at home the experience of such traditional juice houses Gulf Phone Number List in rio de janeiro . Where the company’s headquarters are located. The launch of the do bem juice brand in 2007 it was then that. In 2007. He launched do bem natural fruit juices on the market. The spontaneous media generated mainly by blogs at the time of the launch gave visibility and contributed to the growth of the brand. Another important step towards the recognition of juices do bem was its entry into the stores of the zona sul supermarket chain in rio. Aggressive pos strategies: blind testing and innovative packaging for this.

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