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It’s free, It’s intuitive & It has a great variety of plugins

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It’s free, It’s intuitive & It has a great variety of plugins

You can download the WordPress application to use its server for free and develop your website there, you do not have to pay anything to obtain the program china mobile number search.

However, what is a server?
Basically it is a computer that never shuts down and supplies other computers (yours and mine) with the resources we need, for example, files in the cloud, emails, videos, audios, etc.

Free WordPress CMS for businesses

Which means that WordPress allows you to show your website through its server for free. Keep in mind that the free version is quite limited in terms of what you can modify on your website there.

You don’t need to be a programmer to use WordPress. Its platform is simple and allows you to make page entries, publications, schedule a content calendar, etc., quickly and easily.

Even blog or website customization becomes easy thanks to the themes it offers, these are templates that you can place to change the appearance of your site.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to use WordPress is the amount of plugins or add-ons that are available to you on your site. These help improve your website in different areas such as design, marketing, SEO, etc.

These allow you to modify your website so that it stands out from your competition.

What exactly is a WordPress plugin?

Basically they are software or applications that have different functions to improve the aspects of your website in WordPress. For example, if you have a phone sales website, with a plugin you can add the shopping cart so that your customers can pay you for the cell phone so they can get it.

There are more than 50,000 plugins available in WordPress and each of them offers you a different function that you can add on your website to improve it. Gulf Phone Number List

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