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It will not be so much what the brands do but the soul they put

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It will not be so much what the brands do but the soul they put

We are facing a great opportunity to communicate because Oman Email List there is a huge change in context and it is time to place and position your brand in this new reality.
Kantar has asked more than 30,000 consumers in more than 50 countries how they expect companies to act during the coronavirus pandemic. According to this study, 75% of those surveyed said that companies should not use this crisis opportunistically to promote their brand. At the same time, only 8% felt that companies should stop advertising entirely. On the other hand, the study reveals that 77% expect companies to be useful during this pandemic.

These results have been taken into account by brands when approaching and adapting their communication and marketing strategies, and for this we propose to make a series of reflections. The first one is that you don’t have to stop communicating. It is time for action and nothing communicates more than the facts. Given the data, the different audiences of the companies want to know about them. Although it is clear that many projects and plans have had to be postponed or suspended, we must continue to find a way to remain relevant.

You need to think a lot about the way you communicate at this juncture. Failure to do so could convey insensitivity or even be harmful. The virus tops everyone’s priority list. So how can you share content and show respect and sensitivity for the current situation? Each company has its own strategy. Some brands combine their regular content with prominent information about the coronavirus. This shows your audience that you are not living on the fringes of reality while still offering quality content. Other brands have decided to change their strategy and share specific advice related to the coronavirus to help their audience during these weeks and there are even those that have created products and / or services for confinement. The key is to flee from silence and inaction Gulf Phone Number List.

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