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‘Invisible Funnel’ or ‘Invisible Funnel’

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‘Invisible Funnel’ or ‘Invisible Funnel’

We are going to explain the process carried out by a user in the ‘Invisible Funnel’ so that you can understand how it works united kingdom cell phone number, perhaps you have used it and you have not realized it. The first step that the user fulfills is to enter a page where an offer is made, in the case of the image below it is offering “10 Traffic Hacks that will transform your business overnight”, take into account that the title has to capture the attention of users because the purpose of this sales funnel is to enter the button that says: “Yes, get access today!”.

When users enter our page, a ‘Pop-up’ opens indicating that the training is Free and that the registration of information is only if the user finds something of value on the page, the user is asked to register both the personal information on the first tab as payment information on the second.

Perhaps in this part people can be a bit skeptical, since you must register your payment information, and when you entered you did not have the intention of buying something or registering your payment information, that is why you must be very ‘fine’ in the words to use to communicate this or it can create a negative user feedback. If you manage to overcome this barrier, we move on to the next step.

‘Invisible Funnel’ – Pop-up Registration Information
For this moment we have the client’s information and we have their data for payment, it should be noted that we have not made any payment yet, the user only registered their information in the event that they find something of value, but it is at this time that the ‘ Invisible Funnel ‘has to take action, since the user registered the information we must put the purchase within reach, that is why it goes to a’ One-time Opportunity Page ‘, in which we offer our services to hook To the user as a customer, it can be said that this funnel is a bit direct, but in the end, if you don’t ask them to buy, people won’t. It is vital that the “I don’t want to buy” button is very persuasive for the user, in this case the button says “No thanks, I don’t want to be successful”, so wouldn’t you feel a little bad clicking on a button like that?

‘Invisible Funnel’ – One-Time Opportunity
In the end, if you came to this page you became our client without realizing it through this sales funnel, here you can expose some important aspects of our service or provide a small induction of the service so that our new client feels supported, in addition It is always important to expose our social networks so that people know us and follow us, as they are our clients, they will most likely do so to obtain more valuable information, since we share secrets to increase traffic on web pages. Gulf Phone Number List

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