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Internal and External Links & SEO Content Development

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Internal and External Links & SEO Content Development

Links are an important part of SEO on your website as it is directly linked to the user experience uae telephone directory. If we correctly link our page, this will mark a path for the user to navigate through our website.

For example, if we write a blog and we have internal links at the beginning of our article. This will allow the reader to know the content that the article contains and allows him to scroll quickly through the article to find the desired information.

In addition, establishing internal links will improve the structured data of your website since you have detailed information about the different sections of the article.

External links can be to another article or page on your website or it may be a link to a reference article or product or service.
One of the main sources to attract visits to our website is through the development of SEO content. And when we talk about SEO content we are not referring to any special content. But to content that we know our potential audience is interested in.

And above all we want to know that the articles or content that we are going to make on our website has a potential audience that is interested. To carry out SEO content we must perform a keyword analysis to know the search terms that are carried out on a specific topic. In our case we should do a keyword analysis on the word Digital Marketing Agency.

The main thing about the development of content is that it has to be content designed to provide something of value to the user who visits our website. Since one of the main metrics that Google measures is the session time that the user has within our website.

Therefore, if we get users to stay on our page as long as possible. Search engines will recommend our page more so that more users can visit it.

As you can see in the following image when content designed for the user is made. At the beginning it has a learning phase and in the case of having obtained good metrics, it begins to recommend your content to more people and in a constant way. Gulf Phone Number List

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