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Interactive case Germany WhatsApp Number ListThree directions for designers to complete self-improvement

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Interactive case Germany WhatsApp Number ListThree directions for designers to complete self-improvement

Analyze user needs

Analyzing user needs may most designers think that this is what the product should do, and I can draw pictures myself. However, failure to analyze user needs will restrict the further development of designers.

Let me give an example first. Most people often encounter the situation that they cannot buy tickets during the holidays. At this time, some people choose to get on the train to make up for the ticket. For example, you want to buy a train ticket from Nanjing to Shanghai, but find that there is no direct train. You can only buy Changzhou or Suzhou and then get on the train to make up the ticket, which creates a nee to show users the route site . I did get this kind of feedback too.

How can I display the waypoints without disrupting the current layout of the interface? Only the bullet box can be use. This is the plan of Jingdong Finance.


JD Finance has passed a pop-up box to show users the route site, and it seems that the problem has been solved perfectly. However, the fundamental reason why users ask to display the route sites is to get on the bus to make up the ticket. You do not provide the remaining tickets for each site, and users have to check each site by themselves, which is very inconvenient. Alipay, on the other hand, is more user-friendly, directly filtering out sites with no remaining tickets, and users can click to buy directly. During the Spring Festival travel period, Alipay’s spee advantage is hugely attractive to users.

From the above example, it can be found that users sometimes cannot accurately express their own needs. 150 years ago you aske a person what kind of transportation he wante, and he might have said he wante a horse that was especially capable of running. In fact, the essence is the pursuit of spee. If everyone goes to the racecourse to bree, then the car will never be made. Therefore, it is very necessary to analyze and refine the nees of users.

 The construction of information architecture

I’ve been emphasizing that designers should have product thinking, and I probably have to repeat this sentence in every article. But how to learn? Building an information framework for a product is a great introductory course.


To build an information architecture, you must first know what an information framework is. The essence of information architecture is classification . Why classify? Because the product is a collection of many functions, it is difficult for users to find the functions they expect without classification and integration. Information architecture not only exists in Internet products, but also widely appears in daily life. The guide view is the information structure of the mall, and the catalog is the information structure of the book. Whether it is a guide view or a catalog, the purpose is to help users find the store or chapter they want. Then in the product, the role of information architecture is to help users find the desire function . To build a reasonable information framework, two points should be paid attention to:

2.1 Balance of “Breadth” and “Depth”

Germany WhatsApp Number List
Germany WhatsApp Number List

Take the above picture as an example, if a user wants to modify his gesture password. He must Germany WhatsApp Number List enter the level 5 page, while ordinary products only nee. To enter the level 4 page. It is not unforgivable that the level is too deep, because some product systems are very Germany WhatsApp Number List complex and have a lot of content. But in the above picture, we can find that nearly half of the space on the settings page is empty, which is the common narrow and deep model. We can completely prepend some functions to a lower level to shorten the search path for users.

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