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Information Netherlands WhatsApp Number List Architecture Design: The Big Killer – Implementation Rules of Card Sorting

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Information Netherlands WhatsApp Number List Architecture Design: The Big Killer – Implementation Rules of Card Sorting

Netherlands WhatsApp Number List
Netherlands WhatsApp Number List

One of the criteria for judging whether a website is easy to use is whether the information is organize and whether users can easily find what they need. But a very common phenomenon is that the content on the website is designe from the perspective of the company, not the user (in our recent study of 43 websites, this usability problem ranke first). One of the ways to find an information architecture solution that best fits your user’s mental model is to use card sorting.

Definition: Card sorting is a user experience research method in which study participants group cards with topic names written on them according to criteria that are meaningful to them. This approach allows us to understand how users understand various content, understand their mental models, and ultimately help us design product information architectures that meet user expectations.

Suppose we are designing a car rental website and your company offers 60 user-selectable car models. How would you group models to help users quickly find the ideal model? Company leaders may use technical terms such as family cars, executive cars, and full-size luxury cars. But users may not know these terms and what is the difference between them. This is where card sorting comes into play: let users group models according to their understanding, and then observe the results they give to find patterns.


Hertz.com: In a recent user test, it was found that users of this e-commerce website did. Not understand what “dream car” and “precious car series” were. When they opene the classification list of rental car types. Fortunately, the site also provides photos and simple descriptions in addition to the category names, but if you want to compare and choose between multiple types, users still nee a lot of work. Card sorting can reveal what kind of cars users want to find on car rental sites.

The implementation process of the card sorting method, the usual steps are as follows

Step 1: Choose a range of topics

It should contain the main content of 40 to 80 websites, and then write them on separate cards.

Tip: Avoid topics with Netherlands WhatsApp Number List similar names so participants will tend to group them together.

Step 2: Let users categorize topics


The cards with the subject names written on them were scramble to the participants, Netherlands WhatsApp Number List and they. Were aske to take out one card at a time and assign it to a certain group. In the process of sorting, some groups may have many cards, and some groups have few cards. If the participant is not sure what the card means, it can be set aside for now, although it would. Be better if there is a set of cards dedicate to “unsure” or “don’t understand”.

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