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Infographic: GAFA: The Big Four Dominating the Digital Age

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Infographic: GAFA: The Big Four Dominating the Digital Age

The digital environment appears to be controlled and run only by four large companies, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, now known as GAFA. The China Mobile Database digital environment is experiencing an interesting moment in every sense of the word. New technologies arrive with innovative proposals, the number of users increases, and marketing strategies, as well as advertising, have at their disposal new channels to reach the audiences that are valuable on time.

However, this moment seems to be controlled and directed only by four big companies, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple , now known as GAFA . China Mobile Database

The domain that these four technology firms have in the digital field is clear, not only in terms of coverage and infrastructure; but also in aspects related to advertising investment and data collection. Last March, eMarketer forecast that Google and Facebook would dominate 51.6 percent of digital advertising at the end of this year.

As for Amazon, although until now it controls 1.3 percent of the Brother Cell Phone List global advertising market, its unique position as an e-commerce leader, cloud IaaS service provider and hardware developer, will allow it in the years to come – and not so distant. – Take on a very interesting role as an intermediary between brands and end consumers, a situation that it shares with Apple when we talk about one of the companies whose commercial supply is growing in demand while its data collection does too. With this in mind, it is essential to know the position that these companies play in the digital context:

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