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Influencer works for food and some money

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Influencer works for food and some money

A chef denounced an influencer on Twitter who tried to charge him to go to his restaurant, eat for free, take a photo and tell about the experience on Instagram. It is clear: many influencers live by being influencers, and in order to do so, they need money. How do they get it? With advertising. In the Pakistan Mobile Database beginning, at the dawn of social networks, they received proposals from digital agencies and brands. Now that there is more competition, they come out to offer their work. And it does not go between quotes (“work”); it really is.

Let’s look at a very interesting example that occurred the first week of September in Spain when a chef denounced on Twitter that they wanted to charge him 100 euros (about $ 120) for an influencer to go to eat at his restaurant and tell about it on Instagram. This life is continuous learning, in social networks, more.” This is the text of the first of several tweets in which Jorge Lozano – chef and owner of the Tapas 2.0 and Tapas 3.0 restaurants in Salamanca – said that the representative of an influencer offered to upload photos of some of his dishes, in exchange for food and some money. Pakistan Mobile Number List

The rest of the text is this: “It has offered me the possibility that the personal photographer and the influencer have a free load of it because it is a cool and chic place. She would post a photo on Instagram, give me the possibility to choose the food with which we would entertain her. For all this hard work, eating by the side, having waiters, cooks working, I would have to pay them 100 euros plus VAT. Of course, not a mention of food, it does not matter if it is good, bad or fair, and of course those of us who are cooks because we value service, drink and food more than decoration. That they want to eat at your house without paying I am not amused, but that they already come selling you the motorcycle that this can generate followers, visits or to the parrot … even real clients, well it fucks me, so that we are going to fool ourselves. They don’t give a shit what you do, what you cook, how you serve it, what drink cards you have, they don’t give a shit about your business. The important thing is the words free, cool, chic and followers. And no, my gentlemen, my team and I are dedicated to cooking, serving tables and, in short, the noble profession of hospitality, in which, according to my 20 years of experience, involves paying for services rendered. That easy”.

After the wide repercussion of the text, Lozano spoke with some media. In dialogue with La Ventana, from Cadena Ser , he also referred to the evaluations of portals such as Tripadvisor . They asked him if his influence was excessive and he asked for “more control.” “Behind a business there are people, families, and a negative comment that is false can do a lot of damage,” he argued.

In the article “Invite me to dinner and pay me 100 euros”, El País analyzes that this occurs in a context where in many parts of the world the need to control this covert advertising is being considered, because it is nothing other than that. “It is possible to consider from the legality to the possible results -positive or not- of a covert advertising action of this type, the capacity as a gastronomic prescriber of someone whose followers are because of their criteria on fashion or style and even why fashion has suddenly begun to be interested in gastronomy ”, explains the Spanish newspaper.

In Italy a bill is already advancing to organize this whole issue . The Italian Democratic Party (PD) proposes to legislate on the matter. In a document that is in the hands of Congress, the Executive is urged to “assess the opportunity to intervene at the legislative level so that the activity of ‘influencer’ is regulated, allowing consumers to unequivocally know what elements are being advertised. ”.

In the United States , the Brother Cell Phone List Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that regulates advertising, began to require that those who do “network marketers” clearly identify when they are doing promotion for which they charge money in return . Lozano did not want to disclose the name of the influencer who made the proposal, mostly for fear of reprisals from his fans (you all know how annoying some can be on the Internet).

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