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Increase the value of the Community Manager

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Increase the value of the Community Manager

Definitively inserted in the industry, the profession begins to take flight Yesterday afternoon one of my clients called me thanking me for managing their accounts. Many of the Turkey Phone Number List sales made in one of the stores, arose through social networks. As in addition to being a client, he is a friend, I took the opportunity to remind him of everything that he had doubted about the effectiveness of the networks and how at one point he had heard and repeated opinions of other people, without many bases. In the end, we came to the conclusion that the most important thing for the success of the management had been that we both respected each other’s knowledge and that together we were achieving the proposed objective. But not all customers are friends.

It is a fact that the growing profession of Community Manager is increasing in value, at a time when digital marketing is not absent from any strategy, but it is also true that doubts still persist in some entrepreneurs about the effectiveness of the role, probably due to the little understanding of it. However, when the results are tangible – in terms of sales, for example – the company’s vision changes. Seeing is believing.

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The medium has realized, anyone can be a Community Manager, but not everyone can be . In addition to being the image of the brand in front of the community, the position requires numerous skills that are linked to various fields. Marketing , communications, basic notions of sociology and writing are just some of the knowledge that – ideally apprehended – the Community Manager uses on a daily basis, not to mention the common sense that, we know, is sometimes difficult to find. And those who understand more or less what work consists of, begin to value it.

In fact, I know several entrepreneurs who have chosen to hire one person exclusively to manage their accounts, rather than with an agency group. When I asked one of them the reasons at a work lunch, he replied that he preferred a person who was dedicated only to his account, with “his shirt on” and not being just another client for a group.

Statements like the previous one show us that the Phone Number List pitfalls that have arisen along with the role begin to disintegrate, giving way to the valuation of the professional and those of us who walk the path of digital marketing must be aware of the achievement, to respond at the appropriate height and continue advancing in the dynamics of knowledge. In good time.

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