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If you can’t beat the enemy …

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If you can’t beat the enemy …

Half of the universe of the Spanish General Media Study is a multiplatform video user and television has had no choice but to join the “if you can’t beat your enemy, join him list of mobile numbers in uae.”
In 2018, 19.9% ​​of the investment managed by GroupM Spain included video in the campaign mix. The figure rises every year in a market that is growing in users, already reaching 24 million consumers in Spain. Half of the universe of the Spanish General Media Study is a multiplatform video user, with great mastery of mobile devices. And so much interest is its use that at the end of 2018 we have developed a specific study: The State of Video. I refer to him as the best source of what advertisers using online video should keep in mind:

The video did not kill the TV star. Traditional television has not lost its effectiveness and high penetration power in a short time. However, we do see new models and television consumption. The Internet has shown that it does not replace, but integrates. The combination of Internet and TV reaches a wider audience in a more effective way.

A new standard of measurement is necessary. With the arrival of the Internet and online video, the industry demands a new measurement system, which collects new display patterns and achieves new standards.

We must adapt to working on digital television. In the coming months we will see a greater penetration of Addressable TV, due to the great mergers of 2018, which will catalyze the change. Vertical integration between content and distribution will be possible and, if the own inventory is truly ‘addressable’, this trend will help television to be directed, digital and even more efficient. It is important to convert advertising into content through relevance and personalization to capture the attention of the user who now decides if they see you or not.

The offer grows with digital forces. The TV channels have had competition: Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and YouTube, which integrate their own advertising. Facebook and Amazon have entered the bid for the purchase of sporting events and have taken over the rights to different matches.
Facts to which other trends are added for 2019 and to which we must pay attention:

360 video and with Virtual Reality. Technologies allow consumer immersion.
Video 1: 1. Vertical, short –to capture the attention of consumers in the micro moments– and mobile.
Search-oriented videos. The video climbs in the positions of Google and they are already designed to appear in the search ahead of news, text links …
Video is here to stay and TV, smart, has joined the “if you can not with your enemy, join him.” Gulf Phone Number List

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