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Identify the right audience & Find the right format

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Identify the right audience & Find the right format

It is recommended to expand your contextual keyword targeting or channel lists – a user viewing a recipe may not necessarily be interested in purchasing a new kitchen accessory Netherlands Email List. What is interesting is to analyze multiple signals to identify the user at the moment of greatest interest. As in the case of in-market or customized audiences, effective tools to propose your brand to users who are actively searching for or interacting with a product similar to yours. It can also be effective to combine different interests to find your audience. For example, an eco-friendly makeup brand could target “women interested in makeup”, but also “interested in the environment”, to increase the chances of identifying the desired user.

Depending on your message and your objective, it is important to choose the format that will generate the best performance.

For example, to reach a larger audience, Trueview for Reach may be the solution, deliver a powerful message with a greater reach. Other formats, such as Bumper Ads (six non-skippable seconds) can help generate brand awareness and recall. If we are looking for greater cost efficiency, we opt for the classic TrueView InStream that optimizes for CPV for at least 30 seconds. On the other hand, if we are looking for user action towards conversion, TrueView for Action or TrueView for Shopping can be the solution to contribute or increase our sales on the website Gulf Phone Number List.

Finally, it will be key to use customized messages to create a narration that takes the user from one video to another, depending on the interest shown.

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