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I will convene Benin WhatsApp Number List the interviewers who participated in the interview, including professional

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I will convene Benin WhatsApp Number List the interviewers who participated in the interview, including professional

Include from the table above: expertise, passion, openness, users, studious, integrity, hard work, willingness to match .

Before asking about the project, i usually  also ask the interviewee. How he sees his own Benin WhatsApp Number List strengths as being qualified for the target position. Then, when asking about the details of the project. I will also consider whether it reflects. The individual strengths that the candidates say.

At the end of the interview.  I will also ask the candidates how much. They know about the industry our company is in and. How much they know about our company.

At the end of the interview,

Benin WhatsApp Number List
Benin WhatsApp Number List

I will convene the interviewers who participated in the interview, including professional interviewers, cross-post interviewers, and HR interviewers, and Benin WhatsApp Number List refer to the above table points to explain some facts and opinions obtained in the interview. From the perspective  of graduates, our product manager colleagues gave a medium-high evaluation through the inspection of their professional ability, and their comprehensive ability was not bad.

Some of the facts and opinions I give are:

  • Candidates have advantages in the logic of self-statement, learning ability. Communication and cooperation ability. But in the process of project presentation. The important role of the project team omitted. And the project progress not controlled enough. Which leads to delay, and the attitude after the delay relatively relaxed. Lack of concern.
  • Secondly, I did not have some advance understanding of the education industry and Meisha Technology, and I was insufficiently prepared.
  • Third, from the point of view of job selection, does it always reflect the interest in the company’s industry and the team itself? It is just because of some of my own life reasons that Shenzhen is more suitable than Guangzhou.

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