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How Top Brands Are Using Referral Marketing

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How Top Brands Are Using Referral Marketing

Now that you know how useful referral marketing can be for your business Russia Phone Number List. Here are some examples of how top brands use it to refer more people to their business. What makes it more interesting is that most of them used this when they are just building their brand. This shows that this is the secret method for getting more traffic, subscribers, and sales, even for a brand new business.

1. Google
You’ll know Google as the top search engine on the Internet. But it is more than that. Google is popular not only because of what it can do. It is also because of its referral marketing program.Before a brand becomes significant, it starts from nothing. But it is only able to build its user base if it has a referral program. So when Google launched its new product – Google Apps for Work, they ensured that it has a referral program. This is where they paid everyone who has signed up for an amount of $15.

2. Uber
Another technology that gained traction because of referral marketing is Uber. This works not just for the riders, but also for the drivers as well. They were able to recruit drivers in their platform by giving them rewards and incentives.

3. World of Warcraft
One of the brands that got viral attention is World of Warcraft. This is one of the most popular brands when it comes to MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) games.

4. Dropbox
Another brand that managed to grow because of referral marketing is Dropbox. This is where they gave away an extra 500MB of free storage to anyone who successfully encourages a new user to sign up to the website.

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5. Evernote
Another company that understood the needs of its customers is Evernote. Evernote is more than just a note-taking platform. It allows users to put different types of content and media for later access.

6. Maple
Maple’s referral program is proof of how rewarding both the referrer and the friend is the right decision. Maple is a meal delivery service that is based in New York City.

7. ReadyTalk
What do you consider as a ‘successful referral’? It seems that businesses have different definitions for this. While most business owners consider sales conversion as a ‘successful referral,’ it is not the case for ReadyTalk.

8. Tesla
Tesla offers a unique product – an electric car. Because of this, they also provide an excellent referral program. Since they are offering a high ticket item, it is harder to get a new customer.

9. FreeAgent
FreeAgent has a different approach because it is selling software. In their referral program, they also chose to reward both the referrer and the friend.

10. Harry’s
Referral programs are not just for digital products. It can also be used in retail businesses like Harry’s.

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