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How to Use Marketing Segmentation to Design Individually Tailored Experiences

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How to Use Marketing Segmentation to Design Individually Tailored Experiences

If you’re a marketer, you’ve no doubt heard the rallying cry behind personalization USA Phone Number List.

It’s almost impossible to drown out. With more brands putting a premium on experiences, we’re seeing the dying embers of mass blast content and hello, {first name}, personalization.

Consistent one-to-one interactions that sum up to a singularly great customer experience aren’t possible without marketing segmentation and acknowledging the complexity of designing experiences.

Let’s explore why.USA Phone Number List

What is marketing segmentation?

Remember when you were in grade school and learning about the animal kingdom? You’d see animals classified into different groups such as phyla, orders, genus, and families based on their shared characteristics.

Scientists created these classifications to understand what animals have in common and how they’ve evolved.

Marketing segmentation works a lot like the animal kingdom’s organizing logic. Instead of nine classifications, marketing segmentation has four key approaches to dividing brands’ target markets into smaller, defined groups.


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