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How to take advantage of emojis in your digital marketing strategy

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How to take advantage of emojis in your digital marketing strategy

Finding emoticons associated with the values ​​and identity of the brand is key to the success of a digital marketing strategy phone mailing list. In addition, its excessive use should be avoided and opportunities for its application should be identified without losing sight of the main objective of the campaign.
On the occasion of International Emoji Day, Madzuli Agency offers us 5 tips to take advantage of emoticons in a company’s digital strategy:

1. First of all, you have to think and define what it is necessary to communicate with emojis: Not all brands can use them. First it is necessary to analyze the personality of the brand and what type of products or services it sells. Then it will be necessary to study the type of public to which it is addressed and in what tone it is done. If you usually use a close and simple language, emojis will be perfect to give more strength to your messages.

2. Do not abuse the use: One of the keys when it comes to including emojis in marketing campaigns is to moderate the amount of emoticons used in brand communication. Using too many could relegate the key message and what the brand wants to communicate to the background, resulting in the audience remembering only the emojis and the communication being forced and inauthentic.

3. Corroborate the meaning: Many times brands use emojis just for their virality, without taking into account or analyzing their true meaning. Brands must consider them as part of their visual communication and evaluate the context in which it is used, since they could run the risk of communicating something completely different from what they intend. For example, the emoticon that shows the palms of the hands stuck together is usually associated with the action of praying or begging for something, when in fact its true meaning is of gratitude in the Japanese style. To ensure that the emojis have the meaning that the brand wants to attribute to them, it is important to do an internet search or consult sites such as the Emojicopedia.

4. Do not use in isolation and without an associated message: Emojis tend to give a closer and more fun tone to the messages of the brands for their different marketing campaigns. Emoticons are often used to replace words in order to make communication clearer, but sometimes they could confuse the audience leading to other interpretations. When using emojis for social media marketing, you need to highlight important ideas or images from the key message without replacing the message itself.

5. Find emojis associated with the brand: It is one of the key points in marketing campaigns. Finding emoticons that share the values ​​and identity of the brand is essential so that once they start to be used regularly, the target audience immediately associates them with the company. For example, the pizza slice emoji is mandatory for any pizza chain.

“Emojis have broken into the communication ecosystem, modifying the way we interact on the Internet and providing the possibility of better visualizing and understanding our messages. The incorporation of this language to marketing campaigns is essential to empathize and achieve that the target audience identifies even more with the values ​​of the brand. But be careful, as it is always about balance, it is necessary not to abuse their use and identify the opportunities in which they can be applied without losing the main objective of the campaign, conversion ”, says Kevin Geets, CEO of Madzuli Agency. Gulf Phone Number List

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