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How to read picky young people? Understand Portugal Phone Number subcultures first

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How to read picky young people? Understand Portugal Phone Number subcultures first

In 2017. A singer named “Luo tianyi” held his first concert. Tickets priced at 1.280 yuan were sold out 3 minutes after they were put on the shelves. The number of viewers of the concert’s exclusive online live broadcast platform acfun more than a million. There is also a japanese singer named “Hatsune miku” whose concert is even more difficult to get. With more than 100 million fans worldwide. However. These two “Singers” are not real people. But virtual singers synthesized with 3d technology and other technologies. However. The economic benefits of these two singers have far exceeded that of most real singers.


The reasons for the origin of subculture

Hatsune miku has been in existence for more than ten Portugal Phone Number years since its birth at the end of 2007. And it still has a great influence so far. Maybe you haven’t heard of these two names. Or you may have never heard that virtual singers can be so admired by so many people. But if you played station b very early. Then I don’t need to introduce more.  Similar phenomena are rarely seen in the lives of many people and in mainstream media. But there are many groups behind it that brands want to understand: what do these groups and young people think? If you want to understand young people. You must first understand the subculture that is different from the mainstream culture. Many people want to rejuvenate the brand and catch young people.



Portugal phone number
Portugal phone number

Structural contradictions in social development 

But in fact. Many of them are just shouting slogans and Portugal Phone Number cannot impress young people at all. I often see that many companies divide consumer groups into young people born in the 90s and 00s. And then design marketing activities based on this classification. In fact. This category is too broad. Even if the same two post-95s stand in front of you. Their consumption habits may be very different! Because everyone’s cultural concept. Personality characteristics. Growth experience. Etc. Are different. One of the factors that has the greatest influence on their behavior and habits is the subculture in the cultural concept. Of course. Subcultural groups are not just young people. But there are many young people. So the phenomenon of subcultures is very relevant to the current group of young people.

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