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How to mine user needs——Analysis of user scenario Senegal Phone Number model

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How to mine user needs——Analysis of user scenario Senegal Phone Number model

The fundamental of business is to meet the needs of users. All Senegal Phone Number businesses revolve around solving needs to generate value. During my years of practice. I have been thinking about what user needs are. How they are generated. And how they can be met. Today. I will introduce to you the thinking framework for analyzing requirements that I have summarized based on my own experience. That is. The user scenario model. 1. What are user needs People are the main body of demand generation. And the scene is the carrier of demand generation. If you talk about users out of the scene. You will lose commercial value; if you talk out of the user’s scenario.


What are user needs

You will fall into the curse of imagining. We have always Senegal Phone Number said that users have xxx needs. And users do not have xxx needs. So what exactly are user needs?  into five qualities in the kano model. Different experts and scholars have their own interpretations of user needs. And behind each interpretation are their different thinking and answers to practical problems. Focusing on the field of user research. I believe that the generation of demand is the combination of the individual user and the scene. That is. “User + scene = demand”. This is the thinking model that I have sorted out based on the thinking of many user research projects.




Senegal phone number
Senegal Phone Number

The human mind is the internal cause of demand

This division also allows me to quickly identify two research directions when doing user research projects. When we study demand. We essentially study a certain scene and the specific “People” in the scene based on the scene. People are the internal cause of demand. And the scene is the external cause of demand. Both of which are indispensable. The user is the subject of demand generation. And the scene is the carrier of the subject’s demand generation. Talking about users away from the scene. Clarifying the specific users. But it will lose focus. And it will not be able to implement specific solutions;

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