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How to make a giveaway on Facebook in 2019

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How to make a giveaway on Facebook in 2019

There is nothing that attracts more than the idea of ​​getting something for free hong kong mobile company, that is why one of the most effective and common practices in social networks is holding raffles and contests.

But really… what can you achieve through a giveaway?

A successful giveaway will help you:

– Build loyalty to your customers

– Increase your organic reach

– Improve your engagement

– Attract new followers and potential clients

Well, now that it is clear what we can achieve through the realization of a raffle on our facebook page … Let’s start preparing it step by step!

guide how to make a giveaway on facebook
STEP 1: What to draw?
For your Facebook giveaway to have the success you hope for, you have to think about this decision well.

Your audience is demanding and nowadays there are contests on Facebook of all kinds, so you will have to think a little about the possibilities you have at hand.

Of course, the object of the giveaway must be directly related to your commercial activity and be of interest to your target audience.

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience, analyze your statistics and determine which products or services may be more attractive to your potential customers.

If you choose to raffle something that has nothing to do with your brand, you will not be addressing your real audience and you will run the risk of attracting users who are only interested in participating in the promotion but who are not really interested in your business because of which, once the contest is over, they will not contribute anything else, and they may even remove their Like from your page. Gulf Phone Number List

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