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How to make a comprehensive strategy in the multi-device environment

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How to make a comprehensive strategy in the multi-device environment

Both the communication media and the variety of channels that Internet users consume have been transformed how to buy a phone number online and diversified in recent years after experiencing very progressive transformations in the production, distribution and reception systems and the changes that society has undergone at the time to consume content.
We are facing new challenges enhanced by a multi-channel panorama, which forces brands to integrate into their strategies the experience that users may have on all possible platforms, especially to avoid duplication of advertising impacts, to be able to measure the results obtained in campaigns, optimize investments and achieve objectives.

When we start to define campaigns for a client, we start from data that establishes the bases of our performance strategies. From there, Tidart Data Lab, our in-house data analysis center, conducts several studies to measure the effectiveness and profitability of each euro invested. Of all of them, the studies most demanded by the agency’s clients are incrementality studies, which allow us to know precisely the incremental impact of ad exposure.

Likewise, it is important to remember that the interests of a brand’s target can vary greatly depending on their areas of origin. To do this, we develop what we know as Geo Experiments, capable of predicting user behavior patterns in a given area and estimating any significant impact between the prediction and the actual results.

After making an analysis of the situation, competition and needs of the brand based on its strategy and objectives, we work on a planning that may vary depending on the company’s objectives that takes into account all the phases of the purchase funnel. Gulf Phone Number List

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