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How to Leave a Lasting Impression With Great Video Marketing

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How to Leave a Lasting Impression With Great Video Marketing

Did you know that video ads are the #1 way consumers are discovering the brands that they later purchase from? So you should approach video marketing campaigns professionally.
With viewers remembering an average of 95% of a message delivered through video — compared to the 10% retention-rate of text — video marketing can do more than just help you get your business noticed, it’s also your answer to keeping your brand top-of-mind with Japan Phone Number List your audience.Here are the three keys to cutting through the marketing noise to ensure that your next video is a success.

1. Finding the right idea for video marketing campaign
The first step to developing a successful video is coming up with the right idea. With screens, big and small, streaming more footage than ever before, your video needs to be able to stand out from the crowd, grab your viewer’s attention and keep it there. Don’t forget that there are different types of video marketing. You can check these types before starting on your first campaign.Japan Phone Number List

Make it interesting
It’s estimated that the average person will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos. That’s a lot of video content.

Keep it consistent
Consistency is king. Never forget that your video is a reflection of your brand, and therefore needs to remain consistent with the voice, identity and values that you have already established for your business. Inconsistency with brand values and messaging can lead customers to question your integrity.

Tell a story
Storytelling is one of the most important elements in marketing, and is a particularly powerful tool in the hands of video marketers. A brand that can tell a good story will capture their audience’s imagination while inspiring them to make a purchase.

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