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How to write Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List interactive documents to be more scientific and easy to read?

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How to write Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List interactive documents to be more scientific and easy to read?

After experiencing the rapid development of the Internet industry today, the pace of the industry has gradually slowed down, and the structure and development process of Internet companies have been gradually improved, and product development work has also become a unique feature and process of China’s IT industry.

From the flat development process of Leader+UI designer+developer in the past, to the current demand side+product side+interaction designer (hereinafter referred to as UX designer)+UI designer+operation/market connection+developer complete The development process, which means that the development of a product becomes more nuanced, more specific, and more democratic.

This article will focus on the output of interaction designers – the details of interaction documents. At the same time, because UX designers are still an emerging position in today’s view, they will additionally explain the job background and related work content of UX designers. Background to this article.

The work of an interaction designer


The existence of UX designers has gradually transferred the prototyping work in the original work of product managers to UX designers, so that product managers can pay more attention to the strategic level of demand and be more able to design at the strategic level. At the same time, the UX designer also shares the UI designer’s layout design, jump design and other non-original work, so that the roles in the development process can focus more on their own work.

Interaction designers, UX designers, and some companies also call them UE designers. The specific work content can be considered as follows:

  1. Digest the requirements, make them realizable, and make corresponding interactive prototypes;
  2. Specify the data format and style, specify the display method of data, and field restrictions;
  3. Specifies the usage specifications of controls;
  4. From the height of the functional process, sort out the page level of the function;
  5. Specifies the front-end and back-end interactions of data;
  6. define critical states;
  7. The regulation and simulation of page switching animation, etc.

Different companies may have different definitions of the work content of interaction Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List designers, but in general, the above are the main work content of most interaction designers. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List In such a job, the interaction designer basically fills the gap between the product manager and the UI designer, and completes the details of a product from the development and design perspectives.

2. The output of the interaction designer

Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List
Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List

As the output of the interaction designer, the interaction document is an important document that links the upstream and downstream of the development process, and it needs to have good readability, uniqueness and timeliness.

  • Readability refers to whether product managers, designers or developers need to understand;
  • Uniqueness means that for a development requirement, there must be one and only one interactive document. For a project, the corresponding interactive document must also be a single copy (it can be a collection of interactive documents). Even if there are multiple versions, the old version must be marked as “archive for future reference”, and the outdated time must be clearly noted;
  • Timeliness means that the interactive documents still in use for a requirement. Or a project must be up-to-date and conform to the current requirements and product output.

This article focuses on the composition of the interactive document and its writing. Method (based on the China Mobile Interactive Document Specification).

Third, the composition of interactive documents

Considering the working environment of the domestic IT industry. Axure-based prototyping may be more convenient to open up the upstream and downstream of development.

Probably because the prototypes made by Axure are not so beautiful and convenient.  Some product managers and UX designers may have turned to. Interaction design software such as Sketch, or used Flinto to simulate. Interactive effects. However, because most of these software cannot. Be cross-platform, considering that many companies do not have the. Ability to fully adopt MAC office, it is recommended to use Axure for prototyping.

Interactive documentation generally consists of the following parts:

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