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How to find old versions of websites using Google cache

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How to find old versions of websites using Google cache

Google is not simply a search engine for web pages: in fact how do i call a number in germany, for limited periods of time, it also allows you to search the history of old pages. Through the famous engine we will have the possibility to find old pages of the sites, for example deleted or modified without prior notice. Google usually keeps a cached copy of the pages, storing everything in a public file with free access.

These caches are very useful, for example, to display the content of a site that is currently unavailable, inactive or, for example, expired or deleted, obviously within certain time limits. What can also be interesting about this search, is the age of the pages in the cache, since pages that are too old can be useless or inappropriate for us.

How to find old versions of websites using Google cache

What is the Google cache for?
The Google cache is a record of old web pages, which we can use as a search file. Remember in this sense that:

The Google cache is good for retrieving page content, not its functionality (at least in general it is);
It is useful for recovering static pages, that is, text and images;
It is usually impossible to run dynamic / interactive pages from caches, eg forms, site registration, chat, etc;
The cache has a variable duration, so after a while it may be impossible to retrieve its contents.
The following indications are useful for Windows as well as for Mac and Linux, and in any browser you have: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and they are useful both for “insiders” and for ordinary users who want to understand, for example, why a site does not open and if it depends on your connection or another. Gulf Phone Number List

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