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How to do user research? – Research A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers time

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How to do user research? – Research A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers time

How to use a certain type of feature and the frequency of modification within a certain period of time as a basis for judging whether a user portrait is statically divide or classifie by dynamic behavior. The user portrait here refers to. What kind of user? And such a batch of target research users. At what time node (research time) is more likely to be . And when these users cannot be found. How to make a reasonable change (sample replacement). This is to ensure the validity of the research two necessary conditions. This issue is sharing the second chapter of the user research methodology series. The research time.


Peak hours of device activity

Let’s discuss together. At what A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers time node. The selecte target research users can be more probabilistically portraye. Which is in line with the ideal user portrait. 2. Research time Research time refers to the time node when relevant decisions are execute in order to collect target user portraits during the user research process. For example. The time when the questionnaire is issue; another example. When the dynamic behavior of the post-event portrait is depicte. The time node of the relevant operation path. Etc. User portraits are profile based on the target survey users collected. The fundamental purpose of the research time is to make the target research users more likely to be found.




A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers

It is the activity of the device rather than the activity of the account

It can be roughly divide into the A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers following three perspectives for thinking. Namely: the peak period of device activity. The high incidence period of target behavior. And the interval period of research execution. 1. Peak hours of device activity Whether it is a pre-portrait or a post-portrait. A static division or a dynamic behavior classification. The user portraits are all portrayed according to the target research users. It is essentially a statistical problem. The target survey users are the samples. And the user portrait conclusions described are the corresponding statistics . In a fixed period of time. If you choose to conduct user research related operations during the peak period of device activity.

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