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How to Do User Bolivia Phone Number Research?

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How to Do User Bolivia Phone Number Research?

Common user research programs serve two contexts. One is to conduct preliminary market research for the direction of new products; the other is to calculate user satisfaction for the design of new product functions or the launch of new activity plans. Dynamic behavior. By screening operations with relatively high modification frequency. Discovers highly active users. And delineates the main object-oriented product iteration. The target behavior is set to be biased towards attracting traffic or generating payment. If the purpose of dynamic behavior is to filter out high-active users on the product side.




The purpose of target behavior


Therefore is to further filter out high-value users from high-active users. Or Bolivia Phone Number monitor the value-producing behavior of high-active users for subsequent product iterations identify the direction in which there is business value . For example. Regarding the iterative exploration of the interface of the live broadcast room of voice products. The dynamic behavior of user research should focus on selecting the average number of channel entries per day. The length of stay in the channel and other operations to filter high-active users. Click the gift button to send the gift type. And the average daily consumption. Operation such as amount is used as the delineation of target behavior.




Bolivia Phone Number
Bolivia Phone Number

Which is the analysis basis


Therefore for commercial value judgment. 2) chronological association The implementation of the user research plan must first determine the person. And then determine the matter. The dynamic behavior first defines the “Investigator” through the description of the user portrait. And then the target behavior leads to the specific topic of the investigation to clarify the “Investigation matter”. Therefore. The order of the timeline between the two must be that the user has a dynamic behavior first. And then triggers the generation of the target behavior. Chronological associations can be understood from another perspective – behavioral funnel associations. The operation logic of first xx and then xx. Combined with the tendency induction between the two.

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