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How to do population research? Here List of the Mobile Phone Numbers are some thoughts I want to share

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How to do population research? Here List of the Mobile Phone Numbers are some thoughts I want to share

In user research projects. According to the status and role of research. Therefore It can be roughly divide into basic research and applied research . Basic research does not produce direct application value. But can provide the premise and foundation for other follow-up research and applications. Such as population research. Market segmentation. Etc.; Therefore Applied research can produce direct application value. Such as usability testing. Which directly promotes product optimization and improvement and reduces product usability problems. 2. The results of population studies can be generaliz. Saving the trouble of repeating studies After conducting a population study.



The method of population research

Therefore One has a relatively deep understanding of a List of the Mobile Phone Numbers certain group of people. So it has a good reference for product development. The results of the population study are similar to general templates and formulas. Which help to assist subsequent product development. For example. In the research on female groups. On the basis of a deep understanding of this group of people. If you want to develop a series of female personal care products (such as facial cleansing instruments. Beauty instruments. Etc.). Therefore You can refer to the research conclusions in this part to explore user needs. And product definitions. 3. Existing population research data.


List of the Mobile Phone Numbers



Picture association idea

Therefore The division dimension and granularity are List of the Mobile Phone Numbers not targeted Although it is possible to inquire about research on a certain group through desktop research. Such as the elderly group. Female group. Etc.. The relevant research materials are relatively rough. The division of dimensions seems to be quite satisfactory. And the granularity is not detailed enough. There is a lack of more targeted and effective information in specific life. Consumption. Product behavior. Etc.. So the reference that can be provided for actual product development and marketing is somewhat limited.  And these attributes are distributed at different levels.

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