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How to do demand Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List mining in user interviews?

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How to do demand Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List mining in user interviews?

As a typical method of qualitative research. User interview has an important position and role in user research. And it is also one of the most widely used methods. At present. There are many related articles about user interviews. But the ultimate purpose of user interviews is to dig deeper into the needs of users. So as to serve product design and development. Based on the past experience. This paper summarizes the key elements of user interviews. In order to achieve the purpose of better mining user needs. 01 scenario-based user interviews: restore user needs in scenarios 1. Key elements of the scene The first key point of user interviews is contextualization.


Scenarios change over time

A complete scene usually consists of Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List key factors such as people. Time points. Locations. User goals. And tasks . In different scenarios. User needs will have certain differences. So it only makes sense to talk about user needs in specific scenarios. For example. It is also a cake. When people are hungry. People’s needs are to satisfy their hunger. So the appearance is the second most important. And the taste is more important; when celebrating birthdays. People’s needs are commemoration and celebration. So different designs are better. Make users feel different meanings. 2. Explore user problems and user needs in scenarios In the scene.




Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List

Migration analogy: exploring the essential needs of users

There are usually some existing Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List difficulties and problems that accompany the user’s goals and tasks that need to be overcome by the user. In the interview. The user can be asked about the intuitive emotional experience. Instinctive behavior. Follow-up efforts and attempts are all key points that can be tapped for user needs. So you can ask questions from the following angles: (scenario) under what circumstances did you encounter this problem at the time? Can you describe the specific situation? (emotional experience) how did you feel when you encountered this problem? How are you feeling? (behavioral response) when you encountered this problem.

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