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How to create a landing page?

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How to create a landing page?

After knowing what a landing page is? To create it denmark code number telephone, it is essential to take into account that it must meet the conversion demand. This implies a series of essential elements so that you can optimize your results, generate leads, add value to your business, enable a better approach to users and increase effective visits to your channels.

For this you can consider each of the following elements.

Title and Subtitle
Both the title and the subtitle must stand out, therefore a size of at least four times larger than the rest of the content is suggested. These elements must express in a clear, simple and direct way the value proposition of the product, service, promotion or novelty that is offered.

It is important that you make it clear what is the type of content that users will discover when completing the form: a newsletter, an ebook or a consultancy, for example.

For many creators of landings pages the description is not relevant and can be omitted. However, if you decide to use this element, it is important that you convey a message concisely about the purpose of the offer and the conversion value it represents for the customer.

The offer of a landing page implies creating a lot of value for users who are interested in that page, in such a way that they lose interest in the content of any other page.

You must consider that many times the visitors of the page will not share their personal data so easily. For this reason, you must have a well defined profile of the clients you want to attract and especially consider what their needs are.

From the premises indicated, you can generate various offer proposals that allow you to really fascinate the visitor and get them to complete the form to download the complete information.

Call to action
Also known as CTAs, they are those buttons that drive users to perform an action, that is, what you expect the potential customer to execute on your website.

In this sense, it must be specific, clear and concise so that the user feels motivated and compensated for accepting the offer you offer. Avoid very ambiguous text on the buttons, such as “Send” or “Download.”

Another point that must be taken into account is the position of the Call-To-Action, because if the offer is complex and implies offering a lot of relevant data so as not to leave doubts to the user when executing the action, the button must be located in the part bottom of the page. Otherwise, if it is a simple offer, the CTA can be placed among the data that appears when the page loads.

Ideally, use imperative phrases, such as:

Download it now.
Talk to a specialist.
Receive the material.
Schedule your consulting.
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