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How to correctly configure the Google My Business account

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How to correctly configure the Google My Business account

There are different options that you must modify to have complete the information of your company, do not worry create uk phone number, it will not take more than 15 minutes to fill in all this information. On the main screen, they show you the statistics and any information that is relevant to the business administrator. We recommend you keep track of the statistics so that you can compare which strategies you are using are having the best results,

We recommend that you enter the “Information” tab and fill in all the information requested by the platform. Some will already be filled out by default based on the information you previously registered, such as address, service area, among others, however, you can also register the business hours of your company, special hours if any, you can register the website of your company so that people can enter with a Click, you can establish a link with applications to schedule appointments, in addition to describing your services, what are the highlights of your company and what was the opening date of the same.

As we promised you at the beginning, we are going to give you a trick to obtain $ 50 credit dollars for your Google Ads account, within this ‘Information’ tab you can see for all the businesses that this notice appears, if you click it will Take directly to the link to directly create a Google Ads account, this way you can create your first campaign and take advantage of your advertising credit.

In the ‘Publications’ tab, it allows you to enter updates on your business, add offers, events and products, in this way you can keep the content fresh for your potential customers.

The ‘Reviews’ tab is one of the most important for Google’s algorithm, since Google’s main function is to show you the best possible recommendations when a search is performed, so if your business has a lot of customer recommendations, this goes to help the positioning of your page on the platform and therefore it will attract more people to your business. And always remember to respond to customer reviews, both positive and negative, this helps you to retain your customers and feel that they comment on you is being heard.

In the ‘Products’ tab you can add all the products that your company has, it allows you to put a description and a ‘Call to Action’ or ‘Call to Action’, so that users can contact you directly or can obtain more information about the product.

This is how the products will be displayed on your Google business listing, which is why it draws a lot of attention when the products are displayed in this way.

The ‘Photos’ tab allows you to show the user different parts of your company, you can include your company logo, some product designs you have, images of your offices and collaborators, in this way you make users feel that you are a serious company and that you have a qualified work team.

In the ‘Services’ tab, in the same way of operating as in products, we can describe the different services that we provide as a company.

In the case that you do not have a web page, Google makes it very simple, since you can take the Free option of web page that Google offers, enter the ‘Website’ section to have a ‘Landing Page’ or ‘ Landing Page ‘for your potential customers, and best of all, Google builds the page automatically with the information you have registered about your business. Gulf Phone Number List

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