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How to budget for Google Ads 2

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How to budget for Google Ads 2

To determine how much to invest in Google AdWords or Google Ads free online mobile phone directory uk, the template will perform the following calculations:
The sum of all search volumes for your selected keywords will be performed. In our case, the total of the keywords adds up to 1520 monthly searches.

An average of the Cost per Click or CPC will be carried out, to know on average in your campaign how much it would cost you to generate a click. In our case, the Cost per Average Click is $ 0.47 ctvs. This value is important to take into account when assigning the bid value in Google Ads campaigns.

An average of the values ​​assigned for Paid Advertising will be made, in this way we can know, on average, how difficult it is to advertise for the set of keywords that we have. This value is measured by being 0 easier to promote and 100 very difficult to promote, in our case the Average Difficulty Paid is 16.33, which means that we will not have much competition to advertise in AdWords. The lower the value, the faster your ads will appear and more frequently.

The calculation of the Total Aspirational Budget will be carried out, to carry out this calculation the Total Search Volumes x Cost per Average Click is multiplied.
For our example the answer is $ 709.33. This means that if all the people who perform the 1520 monthly searches for our keywords pay $ 0.47 ctvs per Click, we would spend a total of $ 709.33. To be more explicit, this value is the total Maximum Budget that can be spent in a month for this set of keywords that we selected. Gulf Phone Number List

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