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How to Analyze User Cayman Islands Phone Number Feedback?

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How to Analyze User Cayman Islands Phone Number Feedback?

Bilibili (english name: bilibili. Referred to as station b) is now a leading cultural community for young people in china. The website was created on june 26. 2009 and currently has 85.04 million monthly active users. However Including users aged 18-35. 78% of the total. Station b was originally a two-dimensional community. The initial membership registration threshold of station b was very high. It was necessary to do 100 questions within the specified time. And the score reached 60 points before successful registration. However Users communicate in the form of barrage at station b.



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Provide a steady stream of content for products. And Cayman Islands Phone Number have extremely high stickiness and loyalty. However The current goal of station b is not only the second dimension. From the highly rated documentary “A string of life” to cctv’s entry into station b. The tentacles of station b have extended from the second dimension to fashion. However Variety shows. Dance. Life. Documentaries. And technology. Therefore And other vertical fields. It has also gradually realized commercialization through advertising.


Cayman islands phone number
Cayman islands phone number

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However Live broadcast rewards. Etc.. And has become a new pan-entertainment video platform that can compete with you aiteng. Real-time ranking of the software in the app store: 1. Therefore Collect user feedback This user feedback demand is mainly based on the discussion and analysis of non-up main users. 1. Therefore User feedback basic information Information period: 90 days (versions v5.44.2-v5.48.2) Browsing data volume: 1000+ Selected sample data size: 60 (120 selected non-repetitive opinion samples) However Experience environment: ios system + android system (no mobile phone and tablet models and price preferences) It should be noted that since the 90-day information cycle involves the update of 4 app versions.

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